Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paquito Y Abuelito now available!

We just received the shipment of Paquito Y Abuelito books!! We are posting them for sale here now! Just add to cart under the image of the book on the right.

FYI, due to the busy weekend coming up the first orders will not be shipped until Monday Nov 4th.


  1. Will Rosita y Conchita be available again?

    1. Yes they should be available early next month.

  2. Is this book appropriate for kindergartens - 3rd graders or would it be too long?

  3. It is definitely appropriate for that age group. It is longer than Rosita Y Conchita and has more text which makes it a little more challenging. The idea was to appeal to a slightly older audience so it's probably better suited for the 3rd graders more than the kindergarteners.