Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rosita Y Conchita Final Colors

Finally, in Photoshop, I add textures, shadows and lighting effects along with the final text.

Then it's off to the printers, but the process doesn't end there.  The printers usually have some technical stuff for us to change, so we have to go back and forth until everything is fit as a whistle, sharp as a thistle.  Then we play the waiting game.  When we get tired of the waiting game we play Hungry Hungry Hippos.


  1. You have a very charming style, Eric. I like it!

  2. It was nice seeing you guys at the convention in San Francisco. Its always nice to be able lent support to our hispanic artist.
    Como artista hispana es siempre un placer el poder hablar y aprender de aquellos que estan en el ambiente felicidades. les deseo mucho exito! yamilett <3<3